Your doctor generally will take one hour for the first appointment to undertake a thorough initial assessment.  Follow up appointments are generally 30 or 45 minutes depending on the complexity of issues being managed.

Patients who have been referred to a specialist by their GP doctor are entitled to a refund from Medicare to help cover the cost of their medical care.  Reception staff will outline fees and charges prior to your first visit, and they will be pleased to assist you with claiming your refund.

Your Doctor is also able to discuss fees with you.

All accounts must be paid in full on the day of service.

Referrals from General Practitioners usually last either twelve months, but the referring GP can specify a longer period or even make an indefinite referral. Referrals from other specialists last for only three months. Medicare rebates are available for a maximum of 50 psychiatry sessions per year to any patient.

Individuals are automatically registered for the Medicare Safety Net (MSN). Couples and Families need to register with Medicare for the MSN, and are encouraged to do so. Once an individual, couple or family reach their Original MSN (through paying for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses), they receive a larger rebate. Once they reach their Extended MSN, 80% of their out-of-pocket medical expenses are refunded, so they receive the highest rebate. Once you are registered, Medicare keeps track of your out-of-pocket medical expenses for you.

For practical purposes, what this means is that once the Extended MSN is reached in any calendar year, the out-of-pocket cost for a standard 30minute follow-up appointment is approximately $31.37.

Original Medicare Safety Net

$440.80 – For all individuals, couples and families.

Extended Medicare Safety Net

$638.40 for Families where one listed family member is in receipt of a Commonwealth Concessional Card such as a Health Care Card (this is not means tested) and families who receive any Family Tax Benefit (Part A). Family Tax Benefit A is now available to eligible families with a dependent child younger than 20 who is engaged in study or unable to study due to illness.

$2000 for all other individuals and families.

Westside Medical Specialists charges the Australian Medical Association (AMA) recommended fees. The receptionists will explain this to you when you book your appointment. Your Medicare rebate will be refunded electronically into your nominated bank account.  Your doctor will also be able to discuss fees with you should you wish.

Please note that private health insurance does not help with the cost of outpatient medical services.

Cancellation Policy

There are significant costs of keeping a medical clinic open.  Accordingly, at least one business day’s notice is required for cancellations or a $100 fee is charged, unless there has been an emergency. This fee is not subject to any Medicare rebate and must be paid in full prior to booking further appointments.